Unitronic VW and Audi Flashing Tuning

Unitronic VW & Audi ECU Flash Tuning


We are proud to be associated with one of the leading developers of ECU & DSG Flash Tuning for VW & AUDI Vehicles… UNITRONIC

Unitronic’s performance software keeps all OEM “fail safes” within the ECU calibration. Close monitoring of all operation parameters ensures that engine operation stays within factory components limits, resulting in an OEM-like drivability and reliability.

What Vehicles Can Be Flash Tuned?
Majority of Volkswagen Group Vehicles Please Enquire for further information

What Kind of Power Increases Can You Expect?
Typically our vehicles are producing power upgrades within the Unitronic’s guidelines

Some VW & AUDI Flash Tuning Examples Below:

VW GOLF GTI MK7 Flash Tune Stage 1+

Stock Output:
155kw & 349nm

After UNITRONIC Stage 1+ Tune: 231kw & 470nm

Thats an Increase of 76kW & 121nm!

AUDI 8V S3 Flash Tune Stage 1+

Stock Output:
220kw & 379nm

After UNITRONIC Stage 1+ Tune: 280kw & 475nm

Thats an Increase of 60kW & 96nm!

How Much Does it Cost?
Our pricing starts from as little as $999 drive in and drive out… falling in love with your vehicle all over again – Call us today for further details.


These power gains come with safety and reliability backed by one of the leading developers of Flash Tuning in the Industry.

All flash tuning is 100% reversible and factory tune can be reloaded prior to dealership visits*

Give us a call today on (02) 9724 5901 or click below to email us today

*Not included in the initial pricing. Please enquire about user-enabled de-flashing.